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by Rookie
Hello, I created the domain https://dentsgo.com but it is directing to https://adornie.com.br that is on the same server. What is the problem? I have already deleted and re-edited a few times.

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by Expert

Try this:

  • Clear all your server cache: sudo webinoly -clear-cache=all
  • Use a different browser, sometimes redirections are cached in your browser.
  • If your site is WP, try disabling Redis from your plugin dashboard, also you can disable FastCGI cache if it's enabled.
by Rookie
Thank you, i´ll try.
by Talented

This could be part of the same sort of problem I have been having trying to get the NginX Helper purge working. Basically, it doesn't, and to clear the object cache you have to issue the sudo webinoly -clear-cache=all  command.

by Talented
Ooops! No that was a different problem I had, due to my inexperience and the caching plugin being set up incorrectly
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