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by Rookie
Dear Sirs,

I am using Webinoly, it's very good.

I have a confusing about upgrade problem.

As i know, webinoly was optimized for VPS(CPU, RAM) when install.

Example: at the first time, when I installed webinoly with VPS( 1GB RAM, CPU 1core).

But if one day, I upgrade my VPS to high performance ( example: increase 1GB RAM to 4GB RAM, CPU to 4cores). So should I need to run upgrade Webinoly script? And run any command to optimize again config to new VPS?


P/S: I am sorry for my English, if you cannot get my mean, please let me know.

1 Answer

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by Expert

Very good question!

Right now running the sudo webinoly -server-reset command will update every configuration in your server with the new values, but now that you mentioned I just realize that SWAP file will not be updated if more RAM were added.

I will include this improvement in the v1.9.0 release.


by Rookie
Hi QROkes,

I got it.

Thank you so much.
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