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ssl expired

Respected Developer,
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For my site SSL certificate expired automatically 1 day ago. I am getting this message.  I had follow simple procedure whch is written (No wildcard SSL).

What should I do to make sure this never happens again?

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I update my server packages, then I found SSL is active and site is loading. Still, this is a concern.
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So, please confirm, your SSL cert is updated and the error was because you were getting an old cert?

In other words, SSL renewal process is correct, is just that the old cert is being still served after renewing it?

Is that right?
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Here is the complete details

My site was suddenly showing SSL expired 1 day ago.

After I used below command

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade -y

sudo apt dist-upgrade

sudo apt autoclean

sudo apt autoremove

sudo reboot

Then after, SSL renewed automatically and it started working as expected. I didn't did anything special here except updating.

In past two days, I found this problem at other site also at difference instance and I was able to resolve just by updating.

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Ok. This is not an issue!

It's important to always have your server updated, "Certbot" the package responsible for all the Let's Encrypt things is frequently updated, the same for Nginx, PHP and all the other packages.

For security reasons, you should always do an update and upgrade to your server, at least once a month.

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