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by Rookie
The site is still in development so all of the installed caching (memcached/redis) is not activated at present.

What surprises me is that the back-end duration I see with this release has increased significantly from 113ms to 270ms.

Is there something new in this release which might be causing this?

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Hi Terence,

No, this time nothing has changed in the Nginx core configuration.

Just for the record, if you run sudo webinoly -v you will see these two values:

  • Webinoly version: 1.8.0
  • Current stack version: 1.3
The second one is the version number of your Webinoly Web Server, per se. In other words, when we change something in the core configuration we raise this number. Almost all our "releases" are just improvements and new features for Webinoly and we don't touch the web server core files.
So, everything is the same on this side.
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