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by Rookie

I notice that the like button on my site is conflicting with the cache. The like button is supposed to be updated automatically, but currently I have to clear the cache manually to make the number updated.

Usually I am using terminal and enter this command : sudo webinoly -clear-cache=fastcgi

Is there any way to make the cache clearing to be automatic after a certain time frame? for example each 30 minutes or 60 minutes?

Also on additional note, I am not sure if it is a but or not. But sometimes (rarely) after I clear the cache using that command, I got 502 gateway error when visiting the site. To solve this, I just need to clear the cache 1 more times and that error goes away. Any comment on how this happen or permanent fix to avoid this issue in the future?


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by Expert

Please, read the documentation!

Webinoly has a "config-cache" option to change expiration times of FastCGI Cache. Just be aware that low expiration times in low traffic sites can cause that visitor never hits the cache.

Check your plugins and theme, I'm pretty sure the "502 error" won't happen with a standard theme and good plugins.

by Rookie
May I ask the default number for all 3 value of the default config cache?
by Expert
30 days for hits, 7 days for inactive pages and 1 minute for redirections.
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