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by Rookie
Hello there,

in the last couple days I was looking for a alternative to centminmod, because sometimes I need to quick deploy a production system.

I definitely wanted to avoid a web panel and found webinoly, after the first test installs I was impressed by the speed improvements (CMM: Load speed: 0.55s / Webinoly: Load speed: 0.16s), so I decided I might switch my systems to webinoly, but I am not sure to handle it in a production environment.

1) How do I create a simple nginx site with PHP support and a database? (If a database is created automatically I would like to see a output after the site creation)

2) Is it possible to change the database and db name when creating a wordpress site? (using the domain name as dbname and dbuser makes anxious, e.g.: example_com as database and database name makes me really nervous security wise)

3) I am confused about the -wpsubdir / -wpsubdom command. When do I need to use it? Sometimes I like to work with subdomains (dev.domain.com, dev2.domain.com, etc). Do I need to create a site for the main domain (domain.com)? Do I need to use -wpsubdom argument?

4) Is it possible to chain arguments? sudo site domain.com -wp -ssl=on -cache=on

I think thats it so far for the questions.

Thanks for your answers!
And keep up the good work!
Starting to love this project.

1 Answer

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by Expert

Hi steddecx,

Please, read the documentation.

  1. Read about the "site" command, you can create simple PHP sites, MySQL sites or databases with "default" (you will see the output) or custom data.
  2. Yes, you can. Please read the "site" command to see how to create WP sites with custom parameters.
  3. These options are useful if you want to create a WordPress site with Multisite configuration. You can learn more about it in the official WordPress documentation.
  4. No, you can not chain or combine arguments.
by Rookie
Thank you very much!

Just one question to 1.: What if I want a -html -php -mysql (combined) site?
I see I can use:

Or lets say I have already created a PHP site, can I add -mysql to it?
by Expert

That not makes sense!

  • HTML will support only simple HTML sites.
  • PHP will support PHP and HTML sites.
  • MySQL sites will be a PHP site with a DB created automatically.
You can also (as you can see in the docs) use the MySQL option to create a DB without a site and you can use it in whichever PHP site you want.
Everything is in the docs and is very simple, don't be afraid to play with Webinoly. This is the best way to learn!
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