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Pardon me, but I am a new in Linux server administration. So I installed webinoly and I could install the wordpress site. However I am having tough time going to the domain:22222 where there is supposed to be the phpmyadmin link.

My server IP is So when I click it asks me username and password. I can't remember Webinoly asked for me any pass (without the mysql one). What will be the username and password here and how would i login to PHPMYADMIN?

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Hi Said.
All admin pages are protected with http authentication, so you need to create your credentials with webinoly.

sudo httpauth -add

Phpmyadmin or MySQL credentials are displayed at the end of the installation process, you can recover it:

sudo webinoly -dbpass

Please, tell me if it works for you.

thanks got it working

You must provide passwords information directly in the manual (to phpMyAdmin and www-data user). This will significantly reduce the time to search for answers. (Or display this information on the screen at the end of the installation process.)

In fact, I installed Webinoly faster than I found the answers to these questions. This is annoying and I already wanted to remove your stack.

Thank you
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I'm pretty sure that if you read our documentation before installing Webinoly, you will have a very nice and easy experience. But some users don't even want to do that, there are not so much we can do in such cases. smiley

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