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by Rookie
i wanna change php version to 5.6 one website, other site different version..

how can i??

1 Answer

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by Expert
That's not an option, only server-wide.

Also, we removed support for 5.6 in our last release (v1.8.0).
by Talented
Disappointing :(
by Expert

Yes, disappointing that some user still wants to use legacy and insecure packages. sad

by Talented
I do understand that using 7.x PHP version is faster and secure compared to previous version.

However, I want to get 5.6 support because my site is completely not working and broken so there is no hope except temporarily downgrading.

Any solution would be much appreciated.
by Expert
I don't understand how your site is now broken, PHP will never upgrade automatically, if you have 7.x now is because you manually did it.

You can update Webinoly and PHP will remain the same.
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