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by Rookie
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I am setting up a nodejs service next to my wordpress install. You have made it really easy to set this up, so thanks!

I would like to be able to set up httpauth for this proxied domain. The service itself handles the http proxy, but how would i set it up in Nginx.

i would like to be able to do something like below.

    sudo httpauth -url=proxy-example.com


    sudo site proxy-example.com -httpauth

Did I miss something in the documentation that would allow this? This would also open up password protected sections of sites for those that need this type of functionality, if they can also specify a page be added, or even a site sub-folder.

I know this is probably asking a bit, but if we manually change nginx files, we risk our changes being overwritten during upgrades. I didn't see anything about support for customizing in the docs, and the config files explicitly warn from making changes due to possible issues during upgrades.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

Thanks again for your hard work, it is almost perfect for my use case, as far as i can tell.

Sincerely BillDStrong.

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Hi Bill,

The good news is that this feature is in our roadmap and is scheduled to be released very soon in our next major release v1.9.0 (August). You will be able to protect any specific folder or site.

If you want to do it right now, manually:

location = /folder {
   include common/acl.conf;


by Rookie
That is good news! I will try this now and report back if I have any issues.

Thanks again for being so fast with your response, it was literally less than 30 minutes, and it it midnight where I am. So hope you have a good night.
by Rookie

I posted this on the wrong answer earlier. I am reproducing it in the correct place for posterity and so it makes more sense.

So I was able to get the httpauth to work following these instructions. I couldn't figure out how toget nginx to forward the httpheaders to the proxy application for it to read it. I am working on it, but thought I would check in to let others know this solution does provide the httpauth portion of the equation.

Thanks for your help.

by Expert
If you are using our Webinoly Nginx "Reverse Proxy" site configuration, you shouldn't be having issues with http headers.
by Rookie
I didn't have issues on the Webinoly side. My app wasn't accepting them. That is the issue I am dealing with now. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Thanks again.
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