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by Rookie

I am trying to add multiple own commands to the api-events, but as soon as I added more than 1 command the core functionality of webinoly is broken.

When I have this in the api-events file: https://pastebin.com/ARvDq409

Custom commands are working, but when I do "webinoly -update" I am just getting "API Status wys".

Do I need to add API references (from here: https://webinoly.com/en/api/internal-api-events/) to api-events file?


1 Answer

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by Expert
During which event you want to run this code?

See that you are not choosing an event.
by Rookie

I have added actual commands and comments to illustrate it better:

I have tried to add: "api-events_update wys" and "wye".

The custom commands itself are working good, but then when I do "webinoly -update" I still get "API Status wys".

by Expert

This is at least the second time you come here to post about the same topic, please don't do duplicate posts.

Seems like still don't undestand how it works:

api-events_catch_status() {
  if [[ $1 == "si2" ]]; then
    echo "[MESAGGE] WordPress will be installed!"

That's the most clear example I can give you.


by Rookie
Sorry, I thought its a support forum.
by Expert
That's not a reason to open multiple posts for the same topic.
by Rookie
The other topic was mainly about feature request...but its fine, can you merge the topics?
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