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I was facing an issue with an extension. When I contacted the developer I got the below response

some time 403 error has occured that means your server not connecting.
Some time when many hits goes to the server from the same ip then server blocks the ip for the security purpose.

I also get 504 errors when I visit the plugins page, update page, try to install or update any plugin. I am using many plugins. 

Then I came across your article https://webinoly.com/support/437/403-forbidden-in-wordpress-admin-login-page

The extension is also making heavy usage of admin-ajax file for a certain functionality & I think that will not change. Also that functionality is important for our site.

So by any chance we can disable this security feature?

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Security features should never be disabled!

Bad coded plugins or themes are not recommended and can cause unexpected behavior in your site or in the worst case can be a security threat.

You can manually remove this feature here: /etc/nginx/common/wpcommon.conf just remove the limit_req lines.

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