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by Rookie
Hey there,
I am trying to install a new site but it shows some SQL error. Upon checking the dbpass it throws the below error. Please check the below screenshot. Thanks!


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by Expert
Seems like MySQL passwords has been manually changed, that's why it fails.

Please, read the documentation to see how to correctly change MySQL passwords in Webinoly.
by Rookie
Thanks for the quick reply.
I checked and it does not fix the problem.
Maybe it is possible because the name of the root user is not root but xyz_user ? Does webinoly work with rooter users with a non root username ? Thanks for your help!
by Expert
Please, read again my first answer.

Also, in the image you attached before you are using "root" user, now you tell a different thing.

Please, read the documentation, I'm sure everything is working fine and very well documented.
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