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I realized when I install Webinoly and after installing wp. Then, If i install iThemes Security appears an "401 Authorization Required" error, that i think is similar to this page:


My error:

401 error

How can it be solved via Webinoly?

It always apperas when i install this plugin in Wordpress Webinoly installs.

I put the error here in case the text in the image does not appear clearly:

Invalid IP was obtained: <html> <head> <title> 401 Authorization Required </title> </head> <body> <center> <h1> 401 Authorization Required </h1> </center> <hr> <center> nginx </center> </body> </html>

If they do the test they will see that they get the same error.

Thanks and Best regards.

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Loopback requests are allowed in Webinoly, actually, you can use the native WP Health-Check feature to verify this.
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