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I understand that it might be out of the scope of this project, but I've been using Flywheel's Local for my local development and I was thinking that it would be much more convenient and faster to use Webinoly instead, mostly for the deployment part.

For example, using something like site "example.com -wp -local" would install the website locally, without caching, with most of the security features turned off and with debug mode turned on. Then, when the site was ready, something like "site example.com -deploy=root@[server-ip] -cache=on" would deploy it to the server, turning off debug and enabling caching.

Again, I know that this is probably out of scope and I wouldn't expect much, but perhaps other people might find it interesting as well.

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It would be a totally different project and to be honest, I'm not even sure how to do it.

What I can say is that in the future we are planning to have GitHub Sync in Webinoly, this way will be a lot easier to push code updates from dev to production.
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