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Do you have any experience you want to share?

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We are looking for a NGINX Helper Plugin substitute.

  • Multisite support.
  • Purge cache when new post is published, etc.
Any recommendation?
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Yoast Sitemap support

It needs custom Nginx rules to work, in Yoast documentation mention that these rules are needed just in "some cases".

  • Do they still needed?
  • Should it still be enabled by default in Webinoly?
  • Did it work well in your site without these rules or with this feature disabled in Webinoly?

I had some issues with sitemaps on my website(s) not so long ago, they couldn't be opened and crawled by Google Search Console, so I copied original NGINX rules from Yoast website and then it worked.

And for the other two questions; It depends from user to user, but Yoast SEO is very popular plugin and it probably should be enabled by default. Maybe leave an option/flag for users that doesn't want it (i.e. --yoast=off)?
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In the same order of ideas:

  • The issue you are mentioning was fixed in the last release.
  • That's not the question, the thing is that nginx rules are needed just in "some cases" (not always), but they don't want to tell (I asked via Twitter) exactly when they are needed.
  • Webinoly currently have this option.
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This feature seems rudimental to me. Not using Yoast since it's bloated. If other people use Yoast more often then it's better to leave it optional.
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Your opinion is very valuable to improve Webinoly!

Tell us both:

  • What you like the most about Webinoly.
  • What's the most annoying thing in Webinoly.
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I came from EasyEngine, which is also a great product and I was satisfied with it. The problem with it, though, was that it seemed stuck, almost abandoned, so I started looking for alternatives and Webinoly caught my attention. What I like the most about it:

  • The responsiveness of its creator. Both times that I asked for support, I received a response in less than half an hour, which is too fast even for a paid service.
  • The fact that it is actively maintained, with a specific planning for the updates, which seems to be consistent, with no delays.
  • The ease of use. You open up a droplet and with copy-pasting of two commands you have an optimized server and a running site.
  • The simplicity. Contrary to EasyEngine's docker containers, which complicate things, Webinoly is more straightforward and I feel more confident that I will be able to deal with an issue if something breaks.
As for "What's the most annoying thing in Webinoly", there is none.
There are a few topics that I would be interested to discuss, but they are not "annoyances" or problems in any way.
The most important one has to do with site isolation. Despite it's drawbacks, docker on EasyEngine managed to keep sites more isolated, so that if something went wrong on a site (e.g. a security incident) it would be harder to affect the rest of server's sites. I've read the related discussion on github and I know that this isn't something that will change, at least not in the immediate future, and I am OK with that.
Another thing that might need considering is whether it would make sense to take advantage of wp-cli for certain tasks, mostly when creating a new WordPress site (it would allow to easily add a few extra options on installation) or even for database backup and site cloning (exporting and importing the database and then search & replace the old domain with the new one should be much easier and trouble-free with wp-cli).

1.) I like the most the fact that it just works out-of-the-box! I also like its simplicity.

2.) I think that all webinoly commands should start with webinoly  keyword, for example:

sudo webinoly site example.com --options


sudo webinoly log ....


sudo webinoly stack ...

Because without it it 's sometimes confusing and can interfere/be mistaken with other commands/apps that you have on your server. But maybe it's just me. :)

Sounds good but instead of "webinoly" change it to "wo" for shorter and easier to remember.
1, Straight forward, easy to use.

2, Not using Open Litespeed, no isolation web by using different system user.
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I've used EasyEngine and Centminmod but to be honest EE was good but using docker made me feel a bit scared if something goes wrong. Centminmod was to complicated to use and its documentation was confusing. Webinoly is so much easier than anything I've ever used and it just works. The documentation is awesome, simple and easy to read and understand.

I have a really small company and I provide manage cloud hosting for my clients. Using webinoly I feel confident that the security is good and that performance is amazing. I have a few 1gb servers hosting 6 to 8 sites each and I can do this with webinoly.

I really don't "hate" anything about webinoly. But I do feel that the commands should be namespaced. Something like "weby [subcmd] [options]" maybe would be good to avoid confusions.

The best things about webinoly are:

  1. Performance
  2. Security
  3. Ease of use
  4. Support
  5. It's active and maintained
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