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by Rookie
Hi folks,

Need your help here. I'm newbie. Let say I have 2 domain site1.com and site2.com. now I want to install 2 different wordpress site in these 2 domain on the same webinoly. Can I do that?

This is not parked or alias, or sub directory install I think.

Can you help on it?

Many thanks.

1 Answer

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by Expert
I have a better idea!

Why don't you try it and then come here and tell us if you have any issues in the process.
by Rookie
That's why I asked. Have tried, and the second domain site2.com went to wordpress of the site1.com.

I did: sudo site1.com -wp

Then, sudo site2.com -wp

When typing on url: site1.com, it went to wordpress of site1.com

Typing site2.com, it also went to wordpress of site1.com. because 2 domain point to the same IP address of the VPS. If web server has vhost it can analyze to go the exact wordpress site I want.

So, I'm not sure webinoly support vhost like this or not?
by Expert
Yes, Webinoly has full support for multiple WP sites in the same server, as you can read in our docs.

I don't know what is happening in your specific case, maybe is the browser cache or something cached somewhere.
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