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I am getting regular 504 gateway errors from NginX when updating 20+ of the 1,000 or so WooCommerce products on my site, at the same time. My idea was to increase the following timeout values by adding the file `/etc/nginx/conf.d/timeout.conf` and restarting the NginX service.

proxy_connect_timeout       600;
proxy_send_timeout          600;
proxy_read_timeout          600;
send_timeout                600;

This would apply it globally, so I would prefer to make this 'fix' on a per-domain basis. How should I do this with Webinoly, or maybe this is not the correct fix, or the way to do it.

Your advice, as always, would be much appreciated.

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Hi Terence,

Whatever you put in conf.d folder will have a global effect, Webinoly have support for Custom Nginx rules per site, for example: /var/www/domain.com/custom-nginx.conf, you can read about this feature, here: https://webinoly.com/en/documentation/sites/#nginx

I don't think that Proxy Nginx directives will solve your issue (I may be wrong), because your WordPress sites are not using the Reverse Proxy configuration in Nginx.

What I recommend in this case, is that first of all you should check the PHP logs and of course Webinoly have support for it: sudo log -php, because I think PHP is not responding for some reason. We have two variables for this:

  • max_execution_time  (/etc/php/7.3/fpm/php.ini)
  • request_terminate_timeout (/etc/php/7.3/fpm/pool.d/www.conf)

Both of them are set to a value of 300 seconds (5 minutes), so I think that this time is more than enough to process almost any individual request, for this reason, I think this is not the cause of your issue, but you should consider it. 

If you prefer, you can found the PHP logs here: /var/log/php/7.3/fpm.log for more details.

Also, we have an NGINX directive fastcgi_read_timeout (/etc/nginx/conf.d/fastcgi.conf) that we have set to 30 seconds, maybe you should try increasing this value. Don't forget to restart Nginx to changes take effect sudo nginx -t && sudo service nginx reload.

Finally, you should check your server resources, maybe its time to migrate to a bigger server.

Please, tell me if you have any additional question and keep me posted if you solve this issue.


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It turned out to be a PHP problem generated by a plugin which is not 7.3 compatible, which explains the other errors we were seeing.  The advice I got from the author was "PLease switch the PHP version to 7.1. It will solve the issue."  When I did that it started to run as it should do. Its a shame really because that means quite a performance hit which I have seen on my page load speed. Hopefully he will get with the program eventually.

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Glad to see your issue solved!

  • The BAD: You should try to avoid using "poorly coded" plugins.
  • The GOOD: With Webinoly is really easy switch the PHP versión.
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As always, thank you for your excellent help.

P.S. Sometimes poorly coded plugins are all us non-developers have to choose from. laugh

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Hi Terence,

Just came to my mind this issue now when I saw that PHP 7.1 will be EOL (End Of Life) in 2 more weeks (Dec 1st), which means that no updates and not even security patches will be released after this date.

You should plan your upgrades to 7.3.


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Thanks for remembering me.  I have written to them but I am not hopeful of hearing anything positive. In fact I am not hopeful of hearing anything. Their actions and attitudes appear to me to be more like a company with a business model of "price low and provide minimal support". They stand in stark contrast to you and Webinoly.
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