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Hope webinoly have new function for new vesion

Someday, my VPS error (maybe by power outage) and mysql error, only run "service mysql restart" and all done

But I can not always see that, hope webinoly can auto for it :D


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Maybe we can include an option in Webinoly to "Restart All Services" or something like that, it could be possible.

What do you think?
Yeb :D when system error, auto restart service :P
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It should be a manual action.

Doing this things automatically could be dangerous and not recommended.
i see some tutorial Monit auto restart php, nginx, mysql when system crash (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/lemp-stack-monitoring-with-monit-on-ubuntu-14-04)

You can add it to webinoly?
by Expert
Interesting, but it's totally out of scope of this project.

Webinoly is focused on performance, not monitoring or repairing your server.
I think, performance, features and security should be there
Do you remember my compare EasyEngine Vs Centmin Mod Vs RunCloud Vs Webinoly? (http://bibica.net/easyengine-vs-centmin-mod-vs-runcloud-vs-webinoly/)
With VPS 512 MB RAM, when i have many connect -> database can error when RAM full, and you must connect to SSH and type : "service mysql restart"

Why not do this automatically? I talk to a lot of friends, they all like this feature
by Expert
I really appreciate your support to Webinoly and I know you have been a very active user.

Do you have any security concerns?

If you have issues due to the amount of simultaneos users, you need a bigger server or multiple servers with load balancers or another solution, restarting services is not the solution and I can not recommend that kind of solutions.

You can use Auto-Scaling in AWS, for instance!
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