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by Rookie

I no longer have access to phpmyadmin using my ip address 51.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:22222 I was able to connect already a first time without any problems but now I no longer have access the browser gives me ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

I tried with tools-site on my domain but without success.

Thank you for your help

by Expert
See your logs for a clue.

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by Rookie
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Same issue here and logs shows nothing.

Tried: webinoly -tools-port=22222 and webinoly -tools-site=xxxx.com

Also changed my php.ini

I still get this time out error and nothing in log.
by Rookie

My access problem came from my firewall port 22222 was simply closed, I disable my firewall when I need to access phpmyadmin

by Rookie
Thanks. That solved my problem!
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