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I installed Webinoly and wanted to upload files through Filezilla.

What's my SFTP username? Pass? Port?

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Hi Saif.

By default, Ubuntu have two users if you have not created another one: ubuntu and www-data

Webinoly is configured to allow ubuntu user have access to all folders and files as manager, for example you can modify config files in your server, and www-data is allowed to only have access to your sites files and this user should be only used to upload files in your sites folders.

To enable the SFTP access for www-data you need the next command:

sudo webinoly -login-www-data=on

Normally, you have a PEM credential file and you don't need password. If this is not the case you can use the linux command passwd to assign a password.

And by default, port used by SFTP is 22.

I realize this is old, but to clarify, the authorized_keys file is under /var/www/.ssh and is where you should add public keys for SFTP.

Side note: this is ONLY SFTP, which is fantastic.
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