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I want to enable the headers-more-nginx-module feature on nginx, but I do not know how to do it so that it does not affect webinoly running smoothly.

Please help me,

Thank you

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Hi bibica,

To add a new module to Nginx you have two options:

  • Recompiling Nginx including the new module.
  • Use dynamic modules.

As this topic is out of the scope of Webinoly, I can only recommend you some articles or links:

Please, read: https://www.nginx.com/blog/nginx-dynamic-modules-how-they-work/



Hmm, in /etc/nginx/modules-enabled i see 50-mod-http-headers-more-filter.conf

load_module modules/ngx_http_headers_more_filter_module.so;

I  think it module i  want :P

How to active it?

Yeb,  it have in nginx (https://imgur.com/WigGiiA)

But i don't know how to active :(
by Expert
In NGINX configuration, you need to use the "load_module" directive to load a module.
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