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by Rookie

i want to add a reverse proxy because a discord bot is working on the port 1994

so i typed in the console: 

sudo site sub.domain.tld -proxy=[xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:1994]

but i am getting this error message: 

Site sub.domain.tld has been successfully created!

 Custom host: xxx.xx.xxx.xxx

 Custom port: 1994

[WARNING] Seems like your host/port is not responding!

 what did i wrong? i also added an a record: 

subdomain              IN A       xxx.xx.xxx.xxx

1 Answer

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by Expert
First of all, you are getting a "warning" message, not an error.

That means that the reverse proxy site has been created successfully, but whatever you have in the 1994 port is not responding. Webinoly always tries to ping your new reverse proxy site after creation, the warning message means that your site is not responding to the ping request.
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