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Never had an issue with nginx helper 2.1.0 ... just upgraded to 2.2.0 and when I press the purge link in the top of the wordpress admin (or the big red button for that matter) the site times out after a while and I get a 504 response...

My settings are set to delete local cache and everything is the same as before.

Anybody experiencing this ?

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Everything's up to date .... stack 1.4 ... webinoly 1.10 ..  no packages that are not up to date either ... Times out on purge. Same error as in the other post (the one you linked to).
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There are other reports of this issue on the easyengine forum ... I'm starting to believe that there's a bug in the updated nginxhelper ...
by Expert

Ok. Maybe is a plugin issue.

As a temporal solution, you can safely disable this plugin and if you need to purge the FastCGI Cache you can always do it directly from Command Line with Webinoly. wink

We have an option for that: sudo webinoly -clear-cache

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Hey ... Yeah ... I use that one all the time :) ... Thankfully, it's solved. It was a plugin issue and it's fixed in version 2.2.1 ...
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