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I can use PHP versions inside the same server. ex: in siteA PHP 7.2 and siteB PHP 7.1?
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by Expert

Hi Sydney,

That feature is not available in Webinoly and to be honest I never liked the idea. We are focused on performance and having installed more than one PHP is resource consuming.


by Rookie
It is good to have a choice though. Sometimes you get a project using old themes or plugins and it's annoying to have a separate development server just for that matter, and then move it again for testing after it is fixed, before moving it for final production.
I use webinoly (and used easyengine before), because it makes things easy for me. I still like to decide by myself the performance vs convenience ratio.
This is an official feature request ;)
by Expert

You don't need multiple servers, you can use only one PHP version at a time, but can change it every time you want, so you can test your old site, fix it and change the PHP version for the final site version.

Also, Webinoly will completely remove support for PHP 5.6 and 7.0 at the end of April 2019, so this won't be an issue anymore. smiley

by Rookie
Ok, didn't think of that.
There are breaking changes in every major php release so it will always be an issue. (i.e php 7.3 will break many regexes). And Wordpress plugin/themes developers are unfortunately not people who care much about php versions and deprecation notices.
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