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I want to config a Reverse Proxy site from SG server to US server. Both servers are running Webinoly. The site are running smoothly on US server with -ssl=on.

On SG side, I added command sudo site abc.com -proxy=[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80] and got respond:

Site abc.com has been successfully created!

Custom host: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Custom port: 80

I also changed the DNS type A of abc.com and www.abc.com to SG server's IP.

But it is not work. The browser respond: abc.com refused to connect. Do I missed something?
by Expert
If you try to access with your browser using the IP of the US server, what do you see?
by Rookie
I saw the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page. By the way, I forgot mention on US server, I not only just hosted abc.com. There're 3 websites on that server. How can I directly point the proxy to abc.com?
by Expert

First of all, I don't understand why you are seeing the "Apache" default page if you have an Nginx server with Webinoly.

And I've never done that, but it sound similar to what we do in this tutorial, see the download.example.org example.


by Rookie
I deleted index.html at /var/www/html/ and it now become the "Welcome to nginx!" page (index.nginx-debian.html).

Thanks for your support! I'm reading your link and try to redirect the site again.

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