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by Rookie

We recently updated our DNS and used cloudflare for our additional firewall. and after all traffic routing to cloudflare we no longer can't access the default port 22222

ex. domain.com:22222 < this doesn't load anymore and we can't access all the admin tools even we change the port to other numbers.

Is there additional settings we need to make in order for it work again?

also when we ssh our server it's thru ipaddress now not by the domain. if we use domain we can't access our ssh server/

what necessary settings do we need to tweak for us to access again the admin-tools of webinoly.

btw we can access the mysql in the server itself.

by Expert
I've never used Cloudflare!
But you say you are using it as a firewall and now you don't know why some ports are not working. Do you know what a firewall is?
by Rookie
You probably need to add cloudflare real IPs.

Use this script:


Change the following line in the script:




Execute the script, see if it works.
by Talented

@ -- your dry sense of humour often makes me smile and brightens my day!

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