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How do I disable HTTP Auth? What is opposite of sudo httpauth -add ? In the quick docs, at the very bottom: https://webinoly.com/en/install/

# Visit https://example.com and finish WP setup

# Webinoly protects WP login pages (wp-admin / wp-login), we need to create a user for HTTP Authentication.

sudo httpauth -add

I play around with a few things and look but have no luck.

cd /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ and VI files
cd /var/www/domain.com/ and VI to inspect

I also search for .htpasswd file with command: find / -xdev 2>/dev/null -name ".htpasswd" and poked around in /etc/nginx/.htpasswd but I still had no luck. I even added # before the data in the file... and restarted nginx... no luck.

Thanks in advance!

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Please, read the documentation before ask any question.


sudo httpauth -delete
sudo httpauth -wp-admin-off
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