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Well, this may be me ... but I allowed the www-data user for sftp with

sudo webinoly -login-www-data

and added a password for www-data with passwd.

Made sure that port 22 is allowed and tried logging in with filezilla and I keep getting the error :

Error:    Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:    Could not connect to server

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Hi Lex,

Please, can you try disabling and then re-enabling www-data login.

sudo webinoly -nologin-www-data

And then,

sudo webinoly -login-www-data

Tell me if it works for you.


Tried it ... now it reports me something about the ssh keys of the root ... no matter how I answer, authentication fails ...
by Expert
I will investigate this issue.

Did you create your VPS without ssh_keys and you are using password to authenticate all your users instead ssh_keys?

Did this issue appear immediatly after you created your VPS, or was working fine and then suddenly starts failing?

Are you using Ubuntu 16 or 18?
To be honest, I don't remember doing anything with SSH keys upon Webinoly install. I just spun up a fresh DO server and added a user with SSH manually (normal procedure). Though I can find an authorized_keys file in /var/www/.ssh  for some reason ... but I don't remember anything with ssh keys upon install ..
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