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Since i am using ssl on my domain, i wasn't able to open domain.tld:22222 because ssl was not activated there 

so i added a reverse-proxy to domain.tld:22222 - but know, the nginx directory password protect is not working anymore :(

sometimes the password field comes up, but even if it doesn't come up i can still access the internal page. also i can type something in the password field and still get redirected to the internal area

how can i add ssl to 22222? because i am not able to open it with chromium based browser :(

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SSL must work in tools-site natively, I don't know what you did, but a reverse proxy site is not a good idea and not needed.

  • If you create an SSL cert and then this domain is set as tools-site, SSL must be working in the tools-site.
  • Also, if your domain is set as tools-site and then you create an SSL cert for this domain, SSL must be working in the tools-site, too.
Both cases are covered in Webinoly!
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thank you for ur answer. i did delete the reverse-proxy because of this buggy http auth.

but where is the problem with the missing ssl encryption with 2222?
ssl on domain.tld works fine. it's an wildcard certificate - but if i want open domain.tld:22222, ssl is not working as expected :(

where might be the problem?

tools-site is set to default
by Expert

Please, read the documentation.

You need to specify the domain you want to use to access your server tools with the Webinoly tools-site option, if its set to default you only have access using the IP.

by Rookie

default = ip adress
default != domain.tld

thank you!
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