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I know just a little about caching, but enough. FastCGI is a page cache mechanism, while Redis caches for example DB queries.

While looking at the settings of NGINX helper, I can however only select FastCGI or Redis. Does this mean that the purge cache button only works for one of the two caches ?

Do I have to go into the Redis plugin cache settings to purge Redis if I have Nginx helper set to fastcgi  ?

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Hi Lex,

Please, read plugin documentation.

  • Nginx Helper is only for page cache.
  • Webinoly doesn't support Redis for page cache, only FastCGI.
  • You need the Redis Plugin to have redis as object cache in WordPress.
I've been reading it indeed ... you are right ..

In general I know fastCGI is the best to use, but I am planning to run a woocommerce store ... anyone know if there are any better options than fastcgi for such intensive applications ?

by Expert
Why do you think Redis is better for page cache with WooCommerce?

Redis (page cache) is better in multi-server setups behind a load balancer. FastCGI is far superior in single server setups.

FastCGI (page cache) + Redis (object cache) + PHP v7.2 = Currently one of the best, reliable and fastest setups for WordPress. This is what Webinoly are offering!
I never said I thought redis was better. I am asking what's better. How come you think I said redis was better ?
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yes  ................                                           

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