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I have a site with ~200 subdomains (on all subdomains i show one index.php with slight differences). Formerly i used Vesta and Apache, and i just add main domain and ~200 subdomains as aliases, and easy had generated for domain and subdomains Let's Encrypt sert.

Now i add my domain in Webinoly, in nginx config of this site i added all my subdomains, in «server_name». And i try to generate ssl. And it's generate sert is only for main domain.

How can i generate Let's Encrypt sert for ~200 domains? Or i can generate wild card cert?

i know about «parked domain», but it's too heavy to add so many subdomains. And my « sudo site -list» wil be too huge if i will use «parked domain».
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Lists can be filtered if you don't want to see all the +200 parked domains.

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Use the following command to generate an SSL Wildcard.

sudo site example.com -ssl=on -wildcard
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