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by Rookie

hi , after migration from openlightspeed , and , i did configuration in subdomain , then clone it to main domain 

i try to  ssl off and on with revoke completely 

 with  -ssl=on  but it says  : SSL is already enabled for your site

but  i can't access my site 

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by Expert

And where is the error?

Can you try to reproduce this issue?

Can you check your Nginx files and see where is the problem?

Can you identify which Webinoly command is failing?

If you don't provide details, we can hardly help you. Please, read this post before posting for help.

1 Answer

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by Rookie

i found problem , when we use clone-from , we must edit some files manually , especially  redis object cache and nginx helper their config is still for staging one , it's better to don't install or remove these plugins , and install them after migration

second part is SSL , i didn't used sudo webinoly -conf-value_debug=true for using in dev stage , it's better to don't activate ssl for staging at all ! after cloning ssl will be a Big problem 

now i have level B  SSL , as you can see in ssllabs 

is there anyway to make it  A+ again ?

by Expert

It doesn't make sense. I don't know what you're trying to say, but:

  • WP plugins has nothing to do with SSL.
  • It doesn't matter what kind of SSL you're using, after you clone a site, SSL is always removed in the new site.
You're getting a "B" grade because you are not using the Webinoly optimized Nginx configuration, seems like you manually modified Nginx or you're not using Webinoly at all. In the SSL Labs you can see a very weak and poor Nginx configuration.
I'm pretty sure, none of these problems was caused by Webinoly.
by Rookie

ok , now it's A+ again , yes it was my mistake in nginx configuration , and i fixed it

thanks yes

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