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Been trying to update the max upload size but still getting 1MB, I went ahead and updated the max-mb-uploads in the /opt/webinoly/webinoly.conf but still getting 1MB even when I defined 60

I was wondering if someone can help with the correct way of updating this valued?

Thanks in advance!

by Rookie

Hi. I actually run into this same problem for a WordPress Multisite

In my case, the limit has been set to 1 MB after applying the -multisite-convert command to my WordPress site. In this case, you don't need to change anything into the php.ini since the default values are OK as you can see here:


In this case, the solution is really simple and you only need to go to network settings and change it /wp-admin/network/settings.php



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by Expert

Hi Jorge,

Since last Webinoly major version (1.5.0) the default value for max-uploads is 50MB, I don't know why you are getting a different value (1MB). It shouldn't be happening!

To modify this value in an existing stack:

  1. Modify max-mb-uploads in webinoly.conf. Example: max-mb-uploads:200
  2. Reset your server configuration: sudo webinoly -server-reset

Please, tell me if it works for you.


I did it as you mentioned, and I have 60MB there but I still see just 1MB restarted nginx and still the same, run the steps as you mentioned and the same.

Can I edit that directly in PHP? If that's the case can you point me where is the PHP config so I can do it manually?

Thanks in advance!
by Expert
That not makes sense!

Why do you restared NGINX? (You are modifing PHP, not Nginx.)

If want to do it manually just change the value in your php.ini config file (max_file_uploads and upload_max_filesize)
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