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Hi friends! 

How do you think —blush — can I add SSL for my new site by Webinoly directives, but not for WP? I have a DO-droplet (Ubuntu 18 + Webinoly) with well-functioning WP sites, but I want one more, not WP (shhhh)... 

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Hi Shigaev,

Of course, you can add whatever number of sites you want, Webinoly have support for so many different kind of sites, not only WordPress.

  • HTML sites
  • PHP sites
  • MySQL sites
  • WordPress sites (Multisite included)
  • Parked sites
  • Reverse Proxy sites

Also, all of them have support for SSL, except for Reverse Proxy sites. This feature will be added in the next major update (v1.6.0).

Please, read the site command documentation for more details.


Thank you! Apparently, I did not read the documentation carefully. I will try to customize.

«NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED», «The certificate of the website www.shigaev.com is withdrawn» - this is what I get in browsers when I try to go on my site. Can I replace the certificate? Does this action make sense or should I do something completely different?

I created the previous certificate with "site mysite.com -ssl-on". Then, I moved to another hosting, then came back again and tried "site mysite.com -ssl-off". But...

by Expert
Tell me, what solutions did you try?

Did you read about this issue in Google?
The Google speak with me about flush the cookies, by and large. I did it, but there is no result.

In addition, I read about similar problems in EasyEngine. But it was connected with DNS-records: it is necessary to create records for both types of domains - www and without www. But this is not my case: my DNS records are in order. In addition, previously Wordpress worked with the same hosting (and with the same domain) very well with Webinoly.

I did nothing more, in my opinion.

Is it impossible to solve the problem by "replacing" with another certificate?
by Expert

Try removing and deleting your cert -ssl-off and then re-enable it again -ssl-on.

Be sure you chose YES when prompted to completely delete, remove and revoke your current cert.

Yes, thank you, I did so several times))) Maybe this is the reason for the failure of browsers. Because my mobile does not swear. Hence the problem of logging in from my PC only? I hope so.

Suspending the firewall did not help either.

I told the Chrome label "--ignore-certificate-errors", after that he replied "this site is not protected", but opened the entrance to it. IE and Thor still blocks.

As far as I understand, all visitors will be able to access the site. Hope so too.

What can be done?

P.S. Other Webinoly WP sites on my VPS work with certificates well.
by Expert
I don't know, but it sound like a cert cached in your browser.

In Firefox you go to "Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Certificates" and you can view and delete the cached certificates.
Yes, I agree. I'm very glad that this was not a Webinoly problem. It is very pleasant to deal with such a realization of the logical simplification of routine work.
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