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I really love this clone function. For me its really awesome. Whenver I have idea to sell something, I just create a subdomain or buy a new domain, and use clone to get the page up in seconds, only using my phone! (termius ios apps)

But there is problem that I encounter sometimes, the new website redirect to the clone.

Example I have:
Mysitetemplate.com as the main.

site newwebsite.com -clone-from=Mysitetemplate.com

The website will auto redirect to Mysitetemplate.com

The only way that I know to fix this is to reinstall webinoly to a new server.

Please help me how to fix this.

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Just a suggestion:

  • You say this only happens "sometimes", so when it happens, please try with a different browser or maybe from a different device.
  • See what's wrong with the Nginx configuration, that way if something is wrong we can reproduce it and fix it.
  • Redirections can be caused by a lot of different causes, if you don't provide details, we can hardly help you.
by Expert

I'm not sure if I'm understanding your issue.

  • Which links were not updated? Only URLs in the content are updated.
  • SSL in a cloned site is disabled by default, until you turned on.
Can you please provide more details about how to reproduce this issue.
by Talented
It seems like it didn't perform a database search and replace at all. On the cloned staging.example.com, all links were pointing to www.example.com (which was the live site from which the clone came). Manually doing a search&replace fixed it.
by Expert
Not sure, but now that I see the "www", I think it may be related to the "force-redirect" option. I will check this issue in v1.12.1.
by Rookie
hi there, I have the same issue happening just like before, which is new website will randomly redirect to my other website, and some link like registration, login, wp-login.php are mixed up too. I will wait for v1.12.1.

If you want to have access to my server, please let me know.
by Expert
This issue has been fixed in Webinoly v1.12.1 released today.
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