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Webinoly looks like the smarter Easy Engine. But only one important thing i have to know before i switch to Webinoly. What for an Nginx build is used with the Webinoly install skript. If you use the same build like Easy Engine we can use this skript https://github.com/VirtuBox/nginx-ee for a nginx that is more advanced.

Useful or needed moduls:

  • ngx_cache_purge
  • memcached_nginx_module
  • headers-more-nginx-module
  • ngx_brotli
  • redis2-nginx-module
  • srcache-nginx-module
  • nginx-dynamic-tls-records-patch_1.13.0+
  • Openssl 1.1.1
  • ipscrub
  • ngx_pagespeed (optional)
  • naxsi WAF (optional)

If we can not use this repo, have you some instructions to build a custom nginx from sources that supports Webinoly?

If you dont have a solution to solve this, contact me and if you want we can start with team play for repo with a supported custom nginx for webinoly.

i think the webinoly users would love the newest nginx features.

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Hi Daniel,

We are not the same as Easyengine as you say (not even one line of code) and we don't use the same NGINX repo.

I'm pretty sure you can find a lot of tutorials in Google about "how to compile your own nginx", actually it's pretty easy. In fact, I think that I saw an automated script in the repo you mentioned before (Virtubox), you can take a look.

Just be careful about what you call "advanced".

  • Why do you want to use a beta version of OpenSSL that is not ready for production?
  • Do you feel comfortable hosting a site using a beta version of OpenSSL? (especially for eCommerce sites)
  • Why do you want to use a compression technology that is not supported by some not updated browsers?
  • Really! Do you like pagespeed?
  • Can you tell me, what features you want or are currently missed from the nginx modules you mentioned?
  • In general, what do you expect with these "new features"?
  • Etc... etc.
  • Etc!!

Also, these are not "NGINX Features", they are just external modules, I'm saying it because it's important to note that we are not missing any official nginx feature.


can I install pagespeed module based on the current webinoly? I think pagespeed module is helpful.
by Expert

Hi Jaccky,

I have to tell that Webinoly will never have support for "Pagespeed" and as I said in my previous answer:

I'm pretty sure you can find a lot of tutorials in Google about "how to compile your own nginx", actually it's pretty easy.


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