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I have noticed recently that there has been quite a delay in the install script wget -qO weby qrok.es/wy && sudo bash weby 3 starting, to the point I am wondering if its working or not.  Not sure if that is at my end or yours. My guess is Webinoly has become so popular the server can't cope with the volume.  smiley

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I have no idea, please, you need to provide details.
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I've had this delay problem a few times, but it's related to the provider and not the script.
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My message was intended more to notify you of possible trouble; not raising a specific issue.  So I know in the future, using this as an example, what kind and level of information would be helpful?

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I believe it will be difficult for this to happen.

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What provider did you use, we had the same issue in hetzner where i wanted to install Webinoly for a test and it took ages to start.
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At the time I was using Vultr on a server in London.
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I performed 8 server deployments at hetzner this morning 5 in Falkenstein, 2 in Helsinki and 1 in Nuremberg, all deployments of the script were executed quickly.

I'll do some more tests in the afternoon and if it happens to me, I'll let you know.
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Just for the record, in case someone wants to investigate this issue more deeply:

  • Webinoly installer files are stored in an S3 bucket, not in our servers.
  • Requests first need to pass for the URL shortener (qrok.es) in our servers and then it respond with the proper redirection to the S3 bucket.
  • Both things, our server and the S3 bucket are replicated for redundancy.
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