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I created a global httpauth user with

httpauth -add=[user,password]

then, I created a new site and for that particular site I created a new user with

httpauth example.com -add=[newuser,newpassword]

When I do

httpauth -list

I can only see the global user, which seems to be the correct behavior. If I do

httpauth example.com -list

I can only see the newuser, which again seems like the correct behavior.

The problem, though, is that when I try to login to my example.com website, I can only login with the global user and not with the newuser.

Am I missing something on the way that I should set it up? All the above on a fresh webinoly installation, with no modifications.


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We have an issue identified when www redirect is forced.

Is it your case?
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Yes, I did set www force redirect.

Thanks for the quick response.
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Not sure, but this weekend v1.11.1 will be released, I will try to include a fix for this issue. I'll keep you posted!
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Great! Thanks alot!

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Fixed in Webinoly v1.11.1, released today.

Thanks for reporting this issue! smiley

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For current installations with some users created already, you need to remove all users from that site and when create the first new user, everything must work fine.
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I just tried it and it works as expected. Thanks!
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