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what is the reason to use a single php-fpm pool for all sites created?

As I read the best practic is one pool for one site. Digitalocean's recomendation is below:

Under a common LEMP setup there is only one php-fpm pool which runs all PHP scripts for all sites under the same user. This poses two major problems:

  • If a web application on one nginx server block, i.e. subdomain or separate site, gets compromised, all of the sites on this Droplet will be affected too. The attacker is able to read the configuration files, including database details, of the other sites or even alter their files.
  • If you want to give a user access to a site on your Droplet, you will be practically giving him access to all sites. For example, your developer needs to work on the staging environment. However, even with very strict file permissions you will be still giving him access to all the sites, including your main site, on the same Droplet.

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