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I was thinking that a nice feature would be the ability to migrate a site from a different server. E.g. something like: 

migrate example.com -from=[SERVER_IP]

Obviously, it would have to assume that both servers run Webinoly and they can already communicate with each other via SSH. Α command like that should also be able to identify specific Webinoly settings and migrate them as well (e.g. -cache=on or off, ssl, httpauth users etc). 

In conjunction with that, it would be nice if we could assign aliases to other servers so that we could use it instead of the IP like so

migrate example.com -from=[SERVER_ALIAS]
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This is exactly what I was looking for on Google before I landed here!

It would be AWESOME to have this feature!

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A similar feature is currently in our roadmap for the next year.

As an extension of the backup feature, the possibility to create a complete backup of a site or maybe the whole server, obviously including all the Nginx and Webinoly configurations, and then you can take and export/import this file to any other Webinoly server.

Maybe the next step would be, as you describe, send this file via an SSH connection. I will meditate on this idea!
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Wow, I had the same thing on my mind. After submitting this post, I was thinking that it would also be nice if we could do special backups for our sites, keeping the Webinoly settings (ssh, cache, httpauth users etc) and then just import them with a single command - I was planning to submit a new feature suggestion for that :D.

This could have even more value if you had the option to also do it for the entire server, as you suggested, or even for multiple specific sites all in one command (e.g. backup a live site and it's staging).

As for the migration part, being able to move them between servers via SSH would be really convenient. From time to time I have to move one or more sites to a new server and it can be relatively time-consuming. I believe that other people might have the same need too.
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Moving the whole server with ALL those configurations through SSH from a server to another where we ONLY need a clean server with Webinoly installed on it is something I can't wait for! So brilliant and so fast to achieve!

I'm thinking...

webinoly -move-from=domain.com
webinoly -move-from=
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