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I have installed Webinoly, at the end of installing Webinoly I have got DB root and Password but i don't know who this password is for?

Is this Phpmyadmin Password ? If yes

1. Can i change this password ?

2. And what would be the URL to access phpmyadmin

For example, my site is xyz.com

What would be the phpmyadmin URL to get access

Waiting for someone to Answer my Question
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by Rookie

From the FAQ:

Where is the PhpMyAdmin login page?

For security we configure the access to the different tools on port 22222, for example http://server.ip:22222/pma, you can choose a different port (0 – 65535) using the command sudo webinoly -tools-port 65535.

Also, you can choose an existing site/domain in your server to access these tools: sudo webinoly -tools-site=domain.com, now you can use this domain as follows: https://domain.com:22222/pma.

Hope that helps.

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