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by Rookie

Hello and thank you for your excellent work.

I tried to link another domain to my main domain without success.

  • My main domain : toto.com 
  • My IP who store webinoly : a.a.a.a
  • My second domain : lulu.fr
  • I have a domain DNS redirect A to ip of lulu.fr (a.a.a.a)
When a user write www.lulu.fr or lulu.fr is good but when a user write https://www.lulu.fr or https://lulu.fr
---->ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED  on my browser.
I've installed second domain with this command

site lulu.fr -parked=toto.com

site lulu.fr -ssl=on -root=toto.com

this second command return an error


   Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)

another problem may be related, when i want renew cert on main domain toto.com i have the same problem. 

My provider was OVH on a SSD VPS with no firewall just install ubuntu and webinoly at this moment

  • Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
  • target     prot opt source               destination
  • Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
  • target     prot opt source               destination
  • Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
  • target     prot opt source               destination


Have you any idea to resolve it ? Thank you very much for your time

by Rookie
Hello, i little up for this request :-)


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