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First of all, thanks once again for this amazing Webinoly script!

The question. I have successfully configured webinoly backup to Amazon S3 storage and it works smoothly. So I was curious if it's possible to use alternative S3 compatible services, like Scaleway, Wasabi, etc. As for instance, Scaleway is more generous with its 75GB free tier compared to 5GB from Amazon. I'd better donate the virtual overage amount to Webinoly instead of paying it to Amazon.

During S3 backup profile creation Webinoly asks for a bucket name. But it's tied to Amazon hostnames as it won't allow writing full s3 host links. And looking on Duplicity man page, it allows using bucket names in the following format:


So it's basically a matter of allowing Webinoly to accept full s3 host links instead of being tied to Amazon hosts. I understand that was done for simplicity. However, would it be possible to do that in future Webinoly updates?

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Hi ernie,

Not sure if I'm understanding your question.

  • In Webinoly docs and also in duplicity docs, you can find all the supported storage services supported, not sure if those you mentioned are included.
  • I don't understand why you want support for older and almost deprecated URL formats for S3. Note that Duplicity serie 7 is no longer supported (only for bionic), beginning with Ubuntu 20.04 we will only use series 8 with boto3 and python3.
by Rookie

Hi QROkes,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Sorry for being misleading. I didn't know that URL format is outdated, started using AWS only a few days ago.

I have come across this blog post on Scaleway's website which made me think only the host name is different when configuring their storage with duplicity. So a thought popped up in my mind if it's possible for Webinoly to backup to S3 compatible storage other than Amazon. Hope this makes it more clear to you.

by Expert
Reading the blog post you shared, seems like they are compatible only with the old URL S3 format.

You can always have your backups manually configured and introduce the URL in the format that you need. Adding support in Webinoly for deprecated features makes no sense.
by Rookie
Now I see and agree there's no need to support deprecated things. I'll configure it through duply directly and post instructions for others interested. Thanks for your help!
by Expert
You can use Webinoly with a fake bucket-name and then just edit the S3 URL in the duply profile created by Webinoly.
by Rookie

Great idea! I've tried doing so and it worked with Scaleway host, thank you! So I only had to change the TARGET line in the duply conf file.

By the way, how do you send DB backups uncompressed to S3? I want to repeat the same with Scaleway. Which config file is storing the target host info for -bucket option of this command? 

sudo webinoly -backup=local -wp=example.com -destination=/folder -max=5 -bucket=bucketname/folder
by Expert
Local backups do not use Duply/Duplicity, so no profile is created. They just run with our own script using the boto library to connect with S3 directly, so we can not pass a URL, just the bucket name.
by Talented
I am glad you guys had his conversation. I was trying to puzzle out how to integrate Linode block storage and now (I think) I know how.
by Rookie

I have managed to achieve my goal and send DB backups unencrypted to Scaleway. I've run a regular MySQL backup command and synced the folder with the Scaleway bucket through aws-cli by following this guide https://www.scaleway.com/en/docs/object-storage-with-aws-cli/

Terence, maybe Linode has similar documentation. If not, you could try sending your files to Linode with scp, rsync, or similar.

by Talented
I’ll be getting into it in the next day or so. Have you tried a restore yet?
by Rookie
Just tried restoring a file, downloads fine.
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