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Does Webinoly create optimised performance settings same like EasyEngine? What about for Woocommerce sites and ignoring caching for Woocommerce sessions?

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Yes, Webinoly create a highly optimized LEMP server, very similar to what EE do, but with some tweaks and improvements.

Webinoly ignores cache (FastCgi) for logged in users or recent commenter or WooCommerce customer with items in cart.

Please, don't hesitate to ask and also remember that your feedback is very valuable for us to improve this tool.


Thanks for your reply. Have played around with EE a little, but as many know, the development has stalled with this.

I did a quick play around with Webinoly, a test Wordpress Multisite install only installed a regular Wordpress. Are there further steps to take?

Also, you do have a typo on your documents page, command for Wordpress Multisite:

sudo site domain.com -wpsudom

Should be:

sudo site domain.com -wpsubdom
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After create a WP multisite:
"Once you have entered in your new site, as is common, WordPress will ask you to select the language, user, mail, among other options. Since you are logged in WordPress will ask you to select the type of installation, subdomain or subdirectory again and will ask you to make some changes to your wp-config.php file; Webinoly has already added these lines, you only have to access the file and remove the comments manually for them to take effect."

Thanks for noting the typo!
Thank you.

My install flow is not as you mention. With -wpsubdom install, after I login, I never get the installation choice for subdomain or subdirectory. I have uncommented the line in the wp-config.php file, and then I just get an error (403 error I think).

I tried a second time, install from scratch on a new DigitalOcean droplet, same issue, no choice for subdomain or subdirectory after logging in to Wordpress, but I can login, but the admin area is a normal Wordpress install. I uncomment the lines in the wp-config.php file, now I have redirect error. I posted a question about this already?
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