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by Rookie
I manually created a site on the server, and the site works,

but the "sudo site  -list"  command Does not show it my site.

As I can add an existing site to the list?

The fact is that I configured SSL on the server and bought a certificate for the YEAR when I installed it on the server (without the help of Webinoly)

External "SSL Checker" show that the server uses a certificate from Letsencrypt (temporary for three months), how can I fix this?
by Expert
I think I'm not understanding your question. You mean you're doing everything manually and you only want Webinoly to list your sites? Because does not make any sense.
by Rookie
Thus, I wanted to try to configure SSL on the site to work with my paid certificate.

I understand that webinoly are somehow using a certificate LetsEncript.

How can I register my certificate?

I copied the certificate file and private key to the right place and registered the path to them in the configuration file, but the external "SSL Checker"  shows that I am using the certificate LetsEncript.

1 Answer

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by Expert

Please, read the documentation!

Webinoly have an option to use your own cert (bring your own cert).

by Rookie

All commands for working with certificates require you to enter a site domain (example: "sudo site example.com -ssl =off") Webinoly does not see my site, since I created it myself. How can I install my certificate in webinoly?

Please tell me how to solve my problem, it is very urgent.

I’ve been working for a day, and I can’t achieve the result,

also Re-issued a certificate several times, I thought the problem was in it

by Expert
If it's very urgent, you should hire someone skilled enough to do the job.

Please, read the documentation to know how to create a site using Webinoly and then everything will be very easy. Just follow the instructions!
by Rookie
I have already created a site, and it takes up a large amount of data, I would not want to recreate it using commands

I only need to install my certificate.

I installed the certificate in the same way as on another server with webinols, but a free certificate works in its place.

"Let's Encrypt" certificate, I can not understand where webinoly replaces data a free certificate
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