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After I changed it and update at /opt/webinoly/webinoly.conf

I can't create mysql with command.


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Hi cents,

Password in webinoly.conf file is encrypted, that's why it not works when you changed it.

This issue is in our roadmap, we are planning have a dedicated command to update or create a new password. I still don't know when this feature will be released.


Thank you.

I saw password that create from Webinoly is very short. it's safe?

if command to update or create a new password still in your roadmap

Can you update system generate longer passwords?
by Expert
It's just a random generated string (8 characters), I can do it longer, but remember that if someone want to hack your server, a random string (password) as long as you want (8, 16, 32) will not stop to these guys.

I don't know much about hacker or technology. I think longer password make me safe.

I like to test my password in this website. --> . https://howsecureismypassword.net/

I feel good when website tell me Hacker need 5 THOUSAND YEARS for hack my password.

by Expert
Yes, I understand and you are right.

The only thing is that if a hacker is using you DB passwords is because he is already inside your server and maybe is too late.

In a future release I will do longer passwords, maybe 16 characters long.


Thank you very much.


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