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Hi QROkes, firstly thank you for Webinoly script, it's awesome.

But I got some trouble and need help.

I use a 512Mb RAM VPS with 1Gb swap created manually because Webinoly didn't do that for me (I have no idea, reinstall twice but same result, no swap active). After about 24 hours RAM usage takes 700mb of 1gb swapfile, and plugin Onesignal cannot send push notification because of cURL error "Please make sure outgoing network connections from cURL are allowed", and I have to reboot VPS to fix it.

Memory usage can be up to more than 1Gb if VPS runs few days (then I resized the swapfile to 2Gb).

What I do now is reboot VPS everyday with a cronjob to make it run smoothly.

Is that normal with ram usage or something wrong? I did a Webinoly setting reset but not help.

Thanks so much.

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your kind support!

Webinoly only creates a SWAP file when you don't have one created before. If Webinoly is not creating a swap is because you already have it.

Webinoly does not install cUrl and is not even used for us, so I don't know why is failing, it has nothing to do with Webinoly. Maybe your firewall settings, or something else...

RAM usage could have a lot of root causes, maybe some WP plugin could be not working well, Webinoly only install and optimize your server, I don't know how you are using this resources that is causing issues.


Hi QROkes,

Thanks for your quick respond.

I create swap after installing Webinoly because I see no active swap with swapon -s.

I switch to Webinoly from Easyengine, I never faced with these problems before with same wp site setting.

Do you have any advise for my case?

by Expert

Everything is working fine on my end, so I can not reproduce this issue.

You should see if you are getting some errors during the installation process, to determine what is failing and why Webinoly is not creating the SWAP file.

Also, try these commands:

sudo webinoly -verify
sudo webinoly -info


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