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Has anyone ever managed to get Nextcloud or ownCloud running on Webinoly? And if you have, would you tell me exactly how you did so, please?
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I take it that's a "no" then.
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That's a bummer.

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Hi Terence!

I think it should be possible, since Webinoly supports PHP websites, and Nextcloud / Owncloud are written in PHP.

You can follow this tutorial for Owncloud and this tutorial for Nextcloud. Webinoly will already setup and configure the software you need, but you have to do all the correct configuration yourself.

Good luck, let us know if you succeeded. :)

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Almost every single installation I see is with older versions of the O/S and the Nextcloud app. Plus they are all either just on Apache, or even worse, a hybrid of NginX and Apache. So, I'm going to give it a try and also take the time to write a complete "how-to" based on my results with NginX, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Nextcloud 19.x

Wish me luck.
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I gave up trying to use Nextcloud in the end, so didn't write the how-to. Nextcloud is dependent on too many plugins over which it has little or no control. Because of the way its designed, if you install the wrong one it can easily break the whole site, and often, by the time a new Nextcloud update is available, the plugin authors have not updated their plugins, so you lose that functionality. That' makes for a lousy end-user experience and a DevOp nightmare to manage.
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Hi Terence, thanks for the update. Good to know the Nextcloud and Webinoly combo didn't work out. But there are probably a dozen other ways to get it up and running. :)
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I made no real progress in getting Webinoly to run Nextcloud so, for this project at least, I changed horses mid-stream and started running Docker containers for WordPress and Nextcloud. 

This was far more successful and surprisingly easy to do with CapRover. In fact there's even a CapRover 1-click install at DigitalOcean. 

Hmmm. I wonder if I can get Webinoly to run in a Docker container?  :-)

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