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I've noticed that when I install WordPress as a Docker container, as a hosted image or a shared hosting instance, I alway get a welcome email saying "Your new WordPress site has been successfully set up" -- but not always with Webinoly.

I just set up https://hulacloud.uk and I got no welcome message and no email when I try to change the admin email address.

Is there still an issue with Postfix configuration?


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I haven't noticed nothing wrong!

Remember that sometimes cloud providers block port 25 in some circumstances.
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The last notification I got from a Webinoly installed site was from https://hulacloud.eu which as a trial I did on DigitalOcean Amsterdam, whereas this install is for https://hulacloud.uk which is on DigitalOcean in London. Both of them covered by the same DigitalOcean firewall which I setup. Different port blocking configurations? I could be wrong but I don't think so. I'll set up SES and see what happens.

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They block it at infrastructure level, not in "your" firewall. Actually, this is covered in our FAQ page. It's not clear how they decide which and when they block it, but definitely is not always.

Read this: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/port-25-465-is-blocked-how-can-i-enable-it

You will find similar things for any other cloud provider.

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Well, here's the damndest thing... I wanted to resize the VPS to a smaller Droplet so I destroyed the old one and started again with a smaller droplet.  Only this time I immediately received a "New WordPress Site" email. Now I know that doesn't disprove they are doing something behind the scenes but it does mean its pretty selective, and based on some criteria which is not immediately obvious, well not to me that is.

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