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by Rookie
I see that it's possible to do a local DB backup, but if I am going to back up the /var/www folder (to back up all sites), how can I make sure that there is a database export for all the sites prior to doing the backup?


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by Expert

Please, read the documentation before asking for help. The -add-db-pre option does exactly what you want 

by Rookie
Sorry, I'm having some trouble learning how to do this. The examples all show the db for specific sites, but not for all of them. I am hoping to be able to back up all the sites and all the databases of course.

Unfortunately I'm not expert with duply or duplicity so this is proving to be pretty complicated for me.
by Rookie

OK, I'm figuring this out. Every time you execute

sudo webinoly -backup=s3 -profile=<profile-name> -add-db-pre=example.com -destination=/var/www/example.com/db-backup -max=10 -bucket=<bucket-name>

an entry is added to ~/.duply/<profile-name>/pre. I now understand that I need to add one for each site whose database I want backed up. Practice makes perfect!

by Expert
That's right!
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